How To Block Neighbors Security Camera To Get Your Privacy Back

by Patricia Costello
Neighbors Security Camera

Although not necessarily ethical, it happens – every now and then, neighbors can be more than just some annoying people living next door. Imagine your neighbor overfilling his property with security cameras. Some of them will inevitably go over your property as well – whether to target the fence between properties or even your backyard.

At this point, it feels like your neighbor is spying on you. Is that even legal? There is a very fine line between being legal and illegal. However, learning how to block a security camera is probably the most efficient way to overcome this problem. So, what do you need to know about this problem and how can you sort it out?


Issues associated with neighbors security cameras overlooking your property

Privacy is the most important concern in this case. Your neighbor’s camera overlooks your backyard, so you do not really feel comfortable having a barbecue with your friends, getting tanned on a sunny day or cuddling with your partner. You can almost imagine your neighbor behind a computer watching what you are doing.

People are curious by nature, so if they have the opportunity to look into your backyard, they will. You would probably take a peek too every now and then – just out of curiosity.

The bad news is that it is perfectly legal. If your neighbor installs cameras that overlook their property and also target your backyard, front yard, driveway or any other part of your property, there is nothing illegal about it, so you cannot take legal action.

Fortunately, you do have some options to regain your privacy and ensure no one is spying on whatever you are doing.

IP Security Camera

Can you disable a security camera with a laser pointer?

Lasers produce heat with their beams of light. Camera sensors are quite sensitive. When lasers make longterm contact with such materials, they can cause some physical damage. It sounds great, right? Not really – to disable a security camera with a laser pointer can be extremely hard. The average laser will not be powerful enough to do it.

To disarm the sensor, you must hit it precisely within a short distance. At the same time, you need a powerful laser – not the average key chain laser you can buy for less than a dollar. A powerful army laser can cause some dead pixels or even melt the sensor if you get the job done right. In the least harmful case, it will at least block the imaging, so your neighbor cannot really see anything.

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How to block neighbors the security camera

Apart from the laser, there are other options that can help in terms of recovering your privacy.


Serve them with the same sauce

Sometimes, reasoning with these people is unsuccessful. If they spy on you out of curiosity, telling them to remove the cameras is not going to work. At this point, returning the “favor” might do the trick. Install a few cameras on your house and make sure they can cover your neighbor’s private areas too – they can be fake, no one will know.


Obstruct the camera

You can legally obstruct the camera with a few different items. It will be an investment from your side, but it might be worth it. It can be a curtain of bushes, a few tall trees or even a cover between the two properties – some fabric between two poles. If the camera points at your windows, curtains or tint may get the job done.


Talk to your neighbor

If your neighbor is not bad intended but only wants some security, you can try talking to them. Be friendly, firm and express your concerns in a polite way. Some neighbors may understand – the camera may not even be pointed at your property. Some of them will even show you the footage or try to rotate the camera towards your property, only to show you that they would be unable to spy on you.

This is the ideal case. Unfortunately, it does not always solve the problem, especially if your neighbor is not too understanding.


How to tell if a camera is real

Before struggling to learn how to block a security camera, make sure the camera is actually real. Lots of people invest in a few real cameras, as well as a bunch of fake cameras around their homes to deter burglars. Most burglars will be put off when noticing so many cameras around – after all, they go for the easiest targets.

So, how can you tell if your neighbor’s camera is real? Check it out at night. Can you see a red light coming out of it? If yes, it is real, yet many fake cameras also bring in a red LED light to imitate the real ones.

Check out the surroundings too. Are there any wires coming out of it? You might as well pay some attention if you see the neighbor installing cameras – is it a comprehensive process that involves wires and drilling?

If you have good eyes, you can also take a look at the camera. Does it come from a reputable brand? The truth is many unknown names will create sketchy cameras too. They are usually worthless, especially over a long distance. It is a big HD camera that you should be worried about.


What not to do to your neighbor’s camera

Do not even think about hacking into your neighbor’s surveillance system. Hacking into CCTV systems can be hard – a good hacker could do it, but you will end up on the other side of the law. The camera may still record though and you risk getting arrested.

Cutting cables is also a bad idea. You will show up on your neighbor’s camera trespassing their property with some clippers in your hand, reaching for the wires. The camera goes off, but it is pretty obvious you did it – chances are you will get arrested.

The same goes if you spray or smear the camera lens. You will practically damage the neighbor’s property, which is illegal. Even if you do it from a long distance – shooting a paintball gun or throwing a paint bag, it is still illegal.


Can a neighbor record you on your property?

Your neighbor is entitled to install security. If the camera captures parts of your property too, there is nothing illegal about that.

It is, however, illegal for the videos to be misused – such as posting you over the Internet. Based on your location, security cameras aimed at private parts (such as bathrooms) may also be illegal, but laws vary from one state or country to another. You would have to discuss this aspect with a local lawyer.



Bottom line, there are a few clever ways to block neighbors’ security cameras if they invade your privacy. Your options are, indeed, limited, but at least you can do something about it. Playing it nice is the top recommendation – an open conversation can get the problem sorted, yet there might be times when you will have to bring the law in or simply take action yourself. No matter what you choose to do, make sure you avoid breaking the law.​

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