How To Hide A Security Camera In Plain Sight – Full Guide On Installing A Hidden Camera

by Patricia Costello
Hidden Security Camera

The benefits of security cameras need no introductions – they represent some of the most efficient ways to protect your property. Whether it comes to your house or office, there are times when security cameras must be visible – the ideal way to deter thieves and burglars.

However, there are situations when you want security cameras to be hidden. There are certain situations when security cameras are simply more efficient when hidden. Luckily, you do have a few good options if you lack creativity.


Why hide security cameras

If you think about it, you want potential thieves to know that your place has security cameras, right? You would rather have thieves ignore your house and move on than break in and get caught later. Think about the hassle and stress.

On another note, when you want to legally spy on someone, you need cameras to be hidden. Maybe you want to keep an eye on your employees or perhaps you want to see whether or not your nanny or maid can be trusted.

Furthermore, if someone wants to do something bad, they will think about disarming your cameras. They will also try to identify blind spots. When they have no clue about hidden cameras, they will move on with their actions, not knowing they will be recorded.


How to hide a security camera in plain sight

Security Camera Behind a Plant

Your imagination is the limit. You can literally hide a security camera anywhere – from random dolls to flowers. But then, what are the most efficient ways to hide cameras and what are the top rated spots around your house?



A birdhouse has a crystal clear purpose. It makes a good settlement for wild birds in the area, but it is also a feeding area. A few birdhouses can be inhabited by your friends, but use one of them to install a hidden camera. Make sure the camera can fit inside. It should also be dark, so it does not look suspicious.


Bushes and plants

This option is ideal, whether you want to hide a camera indoors or outdoors. Just get it through the leaves. Make sure its sensor is not covered, as it has to capture everything around. On the other hand, pretty much every other part of the camera should be covered. When used outdoors, this option can be tricky, as the wind can blow leaves and change their position in front of the camera.



No one really pays attention to pipes and bollards. PVC pipes around your yard can easily hide security cameras. Make sure the pipes are in the same color as the camera. Opt for black, as it is more common and it will not really stand out. Other than that, these pipes might draw a bit of attention if you only get a couple of them in the middle of a green lawn. Instead, hide them between trees.


Camouflage colors

Camouflage colors can help in a plethora of situations. They are more common when you want to install cameras outdoors, yet they are just as handy inside your house – perfect between plants and flowers. If you have a bed of flowers, a few bushes or just some plants around your home, a camera “dressed” in a green camouflage skin will be hard to identify.


Colorful skins

Do you know those baby toys that hang above the crib? Get a camera hidden in a yellow or red skin, hang it there and it will blend into the décor. No one will notice it. How about a basket full of toys in the corner of a room? Get a nicely colored skin for the camera and throw it in – it will be impossible to notice in everyday objects.

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Tips and tricks to prevent vandalism on security cameras

The risk of vandalism is the main reason wherefore so many people choose to hide surveillance cameras. Hiding will, indeed, bring in some advantages, but there are a few other tips and tricks to prevent vandalism too.

Choose a higher place

Install a camera in the highest possible place. No one will have the interest to destroy or damage a camera if it is not accessible. The camera should be reachable by ladder only, but at the same time, you do not have to sacrifice its performance. It should still be able to cover all the essential areas of your home or office.

Hide it behind a window

This technique is more common when it comes to offices or businesses, yet it is just as efficient around your household. You can install a camera behind a tinted window or just camouflage it between some plants. Not only will you be able to capture any problems, but you can also monitor those who act unusually outside your place.

Challenges when hiding a security camera

Hiding a security camera may seem easy and exciting, but there are a few challenges that everyone will face in one way or another. Caution is essential in any of these situations. So, what should you know when opting for CCTV surveillance?

  • Burglars who break in are also trained in identifying and destroying security cameras.
  • Choosing the best location implies choosing an uncommon place that most burglars will not think about.
  • When using wireless cameras, burglars can simply destroy the Internet wires to ensure there is no connectivity to cameras.
  • Weather changes, humidity, wind and other conditions may cause trouble to your hidden outdoor cameras.


What to keep in mind when buying hidden cameras for your place

Hiding a security camera in plain sight is all about your creativity and imagination. But then, there are a few other factors that may influence the final result, so they require just as much consideration.

  • Make sure you invest in quality – your camera should be able to face cold weather, extreme heat, humidity and wind. Just think about the most extreme weather conditions in your area before purchasing a camera.
  • If you live in a flat or a shared building, you might need permission before installing a security camera, especially if it involves drilling. However, when interested in hiding a camera, you do not really need wires.
  • Opt for a good brand – there is a reason some brands are better rated than others. They have the finances to invest in research, but they also implement quality materials and features that small businesses are unable to get.
  • Consider the coverage – you should get a hidden CCTV system based on your needs, rather than the excitement of knowing what is going on when you are away. Make sure you have the right angle, coverage and location.



Bottom line, you do not have to be an expert to hide a security camera in plain sight. It is all about blending it into the décor and hide it in spots that no one would think about. It is mostly a matter of imagination and your ability to observe small details.

However, hiding a security camera is not everything if the camera cannot get the job done. Make sure you invest in a quality camera that can withstand weather conditions if installed outdoors, not to mention the quality standards in terms of imaging.

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