What Is A Bullet Security Camera

by Patricia Costello
bullet security camera

Approximately the size of a bullet camera is around 2 to 2.5 inches in length.  The size is not always the same. It could as small as the size of a lipstick and some are even smaller, just as the size of a cigarette. Due to their size, they are also called as lipstick cameras. Some could even be a little larger than the size of a lipstick. The convenience that a bullet security camera offers is that it can be mounted on any given area without much of a trouble.

The reason why they are called as the bullet is certainly for a reason behind it. These tiny devices resemble a bullet case and when they are placed in an angular position it looks as if a bullet is propping out.

Range of bullet cameras available in the market…

There are several kinds among the bullet camera variety too, like

  • Analog
  • CCTV
  • TVI
  • AHD
  • IR

In particular, the IR bullet cameras are of superior quality, because it gives you best results even when the light is very low and the resolution they offer is such that it works even in darkness.

There are loads of surprises that are packed into these small packages. Some can also be upgraded or customized according to your needs like the enhancement of IR night vision and an optical zoom option is also completely possible.

Silver Security Camera

Why is a bullet camera a better option?

Another great quality that makes this device convenient for use is that it also comes in wireless form. The inbuilt antenna in these devices ensures that the Wi-Fi connection to the device runs on smoothly without any interruption. The sleek design is also very appealing. With a Micro SD, you will never miss out anything because it stores videos and snapshots without any hindrance.

Places ideal for fixing bullet cameras

The versatility that these cameras offer is one of the reasons why you should choose one. You can just place literally anywhere you want. However, this is not possible in the case of dome cameras. Bullet cameras are specifically designed with smaller spaces in mind.

It could be a wall, your roof or even on the edges of your roof.

If you have small spaces in your home which need to be monitored like your garage or your patio then a bullet security camera is the ideal choice.  The range of coverage offered by bullet cameras is one reason why you should install them in such areas.

The flexibility of a bullet camera

Another great feature of these devices is the way in which you can shift the angle without any extra effort. In the case of dome cameras, you will have to think about a reinstallation if something goes wrong when you try to turn the angle. The thoughtful design that has gone into the making of the camera enables you to change the position of the camera with ease. Moreover, these cameras also have the capacity to overcome issues related to climatic conditions. They are waterproof and hence it gives you peace of mind.

Other benefits of having a bullet camera:

  • Privacy

There are many other advantages of installing this surveillance camera in your home. For example, when you have a dome camera there are chances that your neighbor pulls you up for infringing upon his privacy. This issue is not so much in the case of bullet cameras because you can adjust the position of the camera to suit your needs.

  • Visibility

Moreover, when you have a security camera installed in your place you can rest assured that there are fewer chances of burglary happening at your place. The connectivity of your camera to the smartphone you have is yet another great feature that gives you immediate access of information on your home.

  • Cost matters too

The cost-effective factor is another reason why I chose a bullet camera compared to a dome camera. Another surprising factor about these cameras is that it is used in sporting activities like paragliding due to its compact nature.

Another factor to consider

Before buying a camera a little bit of homework as to the internal components of the camera is always better because you need to know your needs.

Whether you want external storage or you want the night vision of your camera to be enhanced or you prefer to have a built-in mic in your camera is your choice. Make sure that your camera is enabled with a built-in laser so that there are less likely chances of meddling with the images in the recording.

You would be surprised to know that the images can be brought to a standstill for a moment with the help of a flashlight. For this, the above-mentioned choices installed in your camera helps you better in serving the purpose.

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